Happy Birthday, Coach Cal! (Saturday Night Post)

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In just a bit when the clock strikes midnight, it will be Coach John Calipari's birthday. Hope you baked a cake (or at least cupcakes) and are in the room adjacent to Coach, waiting to surprise him right when the birthday hits. Don't forget the candles. Tomorrow is February 10th, 2013. Coach Calipari turns 54 years old this Sunday, and it will be a day of rest after taking care of Auburn at home. However, the fun can't last too long because JC and the boys must prepare for Florida and then head off for Tuesday night's game in Gainesville. I think we can all join together in saying Happy Birthday, Coach Cal! Since his arrival, Lexington has been the capital city of college hoops and the University of Kentucky has been the single most exciting program in the game. We've all got a lot to be thankful for as fans with Cal as our coach - One National Title, Two Final Fours, continuous top recruiting classes, countless NBA Draft picks, and an unmatched fan experience. It's been an incredible ride and I don't see that stopping just yet. He's the best in the business and he's done it in a way that puts the kids first while still delivering the best on and off the court to the university, the state, and the fans. Here's to hoping we have many more of these birthdays to celebrate in the Bluegrass. Let's take a look back at today's highlights and then some: - After blasting the cold-as-ice Tigers on the road a couple weeks ago, UK defeated Auburn 72-62. This win puts that Cats at 17-6 (8-2 SEC), which is good enough for second place in the SEC behind Florida. This was not the most convincing win, but hopefully it is enough to boost UK into their upcoming game against the Gators. There were some hard fouls, some ejections, some threes, some Uncle JuJu, some Big Willie Style, but only one Nerlens Noel block. Strange day. See Drew's post below for more info on the game. - Speaker of the House John Boehner came to the game today. Coach Cal posted this picture of Boehner and his wife after the game and I must say - I watched every episode of House of Cards in less than 24 hours, and Robin Wright spoiled me with regards to what Senators' wives look like. - Before the game, Drew chronicled this really great moment between John Short and Goose Givens (who is also my favorite UK player of all time). Check it out here if you want to relive the good-time-Cat-fan feelings. - Looks like another slew of talented footballers are coming to town. Check out this list of football recuits visiting soon: Deion Singleton, Jacob Pugh III, De’Eric Culver, Drew Barker, Nacarius Fant, Tevin Lawson, Mikel Horton.  The hits keep coming under Stoops. I love it. - Rajon Rondo is currently getting his ACL surgery options together. Danny Ainge said he expects Rajon to have a surgery procedure finally this week. Ainge also said this re: Rondo: "He's not one of those guys who reads a lot." Hmmm, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one, Danny, and assume you only meant reading press. - I have no idea what this new Harlem Shake viral video trend is, but there's a UK themed version already up. See below (and try not to stare directly into the eyes of the Tiger-shirt fellow in the middle). And on that note, I'm out folks. Have a good Saturday night. Tip your bartenders, drive safe, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. And if you're reading this in the morning, I'll take two sugars in my coffee please.

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