Happy Birthday Wave! No, really

A Happy-belated birthday goes out to “the wave”, which turned 25 yesterday. Yes folks, this stadium staple and promoter of unity apparently has a birthday. Some love it (women), and some loathe this fanciful plaudit and its penchant for the inopportune (competent fans). The Mercury News in San Jose did a piece today, immortalizing the wave. “It’s just a fun little thing,” said George Henderson, “and I’m glad I invented it.” Yes, I suppose it’s not that…wait, what?! Glad you invented it?! Yeah, sounds legit to me too. Well this George Henderson, who just so conveniently (ironically) carries the nickname “Krazy George”, says he is the Thomas Edison of this light-bulb of fandom. According to Krazy G, he first started the wave during a playoff game between the Yanks and his hometown A’s back in ’81. And here we were all this time, thinking Al Gore was the sole creator of all things transcendental. The best part of this article: Henderson lists his occupation as “professional cheerleader”…because, you know, why rely on the unimaginative, callowness of an amateur to get the stadium rockin’ when a pro is but a phone call away? Barnhart: I just don’t know what to do Lee. Commonwealth just isn’t up to spunk. Pres. Todd: Don’t worry Mitch. I’ve got a guy. He’s a real pro. He has his own monogrammed megaphone and everything. You ever heard of the wave? Barnhart: No way! You know Frankie Avalon? Pres. Todd: Oh no, my subordinate. I’m not talking hair…you know, the cheer where everyone stands, raise their arms, and go “weeeeeee!” I’ll make the call. This reminds me of one of my buddies who claims his father invented the beer Koozie while in college in the 70’s. I’m gonna need to see that patent. Anyway, read the article, it's great. Who knew "the wave" has actually been the topic of scientific study?

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