Happy Father's Day with another ridiculous Herald Leader article

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
193-john_clay_standalone_prod_affiliate_79.jpg I hope everyone is enjoying Father's Day and the United States Open golf that traditionally accompanies it. It has been a good weekend around these parts, although the posting has been somewhat scattered thanks to the holiday flow. But of course, when you are wondering what you can write about, there is always the opportunity to open the Herald leader and look for absurdity. Today's version is of course John Clay's piece on Kentucky as a "baseball state." I must admit that I love columns like this.....they come from local columnists about once a year, rearing their groundhog-like consistency, coupled with Stephen A. Smith-like reasoning skills. Essentially a columnists takes a premise that is on its face ridiculous (aka "Kentucky is a baseball state"), tries to find some supporting rationale (hey, 4500 people went to the state championship game), and writes a column that even they cant really believe. Clay argues that the attendance at the state championship game showcases the state's desire to love baseball more than anything this side of Kentucky bourbon. Of course he doesnt make articulate the fact that Dunbar was playing in Lexington and that the 4500 people would normally be outpaced by a Wednesday day session at the state basketball tournament. He then mentions all the local players who are playing professional baseball, but in so doing refuses to mention that a baseball roster has 25 players and an NBA 12.....and that even a football roster (53) is trumped by the ABSURD number of minor leaguers in baseball that makes it substantially easier to be a "pro" baseball player than any other sport. Of course, Clay knows this. I feel for the guy as it is June and I know it is very difficult to find something to talk about.....and working for a reputable newspaper, he cant just talk about his entry in a "hot blogger" contest. But still, Kentucky as a baseball state? Give me strength. But that is still better than most of what goes in the "Sunday Basketball notebook" (Florida "has" been Dakotah Euton's favorite school/.....does that mean now, last month?, last week?......were reports from last week that he might even commit to Kentucky wrong?.....we will never know.....but at least we can be comforted that last week we learned the incorrect news that UK and UL had agreed mutually to move the basketball date.) Anyway, Happy Fathers Day.....Rich Brooks on the show this week......and more to come....

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