Happy Harrison Day!

Corey Nicholsalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
Well, today's the day, folks.  Lots of speculation and prognostication has been put toward Andrew and Aaron's 5 p.m. announcement.  We know that Maryland had a last-minute visit yesterday, but we're not quite sure as to the nature of it.  Was it a celebratory dinner?  Or a desperate plea?  Probably somewhere in the middle. We've all talked ad nauseum about what we think is going to happen, with CatsPause going so far as to cite a "source" saying that Kentucky is a sure thing.  Regardless, one thing is certain: because of the tandem nature of the commitments, this is probably the most important recruiting decision for the upcoming basketball season.  If we miss out, we should still be fine, but I'd disagree with anyone who says we'll be as good without them as we'd be with them There's no need to break down the current situation; we all know everything we can so far about the twins' decision.  But these days only come by a few times a season, so it's good to just sit back and enjoy them. It's basketball Christmas state-wide, so I've stuffed your stocking with a little something special: Radio show at 10.  Today's the day.  Get hype.

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