Happy Marcus Lee Day!

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
^^^Hopefully all of us, at 2:31. Wow, this is getting a little ridiculous, isn't it?  In the last two weeks, Calipari has had three elite recruits commit to a blockbuster 2013 class, and today, it looks like we can up the record for consecutive weeks with a top-50 verbal to three. Folks had a little bit longer to anticipate the Harrison and Young commitments, but 15th-ranked Marcus Lee put less than 24 hours between announcing he was going to decide, and the actual decision itself.  Good for Marcus Lee. Because it's always a fun day when a kid with this sort of talent decides, I can't possibly interrupt the streak of "_______ Day."  So here we are for the third week in a row, partly because my superstition makes sure I'm consistent with these things.  I guess it's good that I'm also wearing the same underwear and haven't shaved my playoff beard, but I would have done those things regardless, so that's neither here nor there. Lee, who has a "preexisting friendship with the Harrisons," seemed to really enjoy his visit to Big Blue Madness over the weekend.  And "seemed to enjoy" is about as big an understatement as you can find.  Lee tweeted the following while watching a practice at the Craft Center:   The California resident is a lithe big man who can drive and has a keen eye for passing, an ideal trait for a big man in the dribble drive offense.  But don't take my word for it.  To get us all ready for 2:30 EST, please help yourself to some highlights. The pass at 0:50 is particularly nasty. So, from Harrisons Day, to Young Day, now to Lee Day, we have plenty of reasons to be excited.  All signs point Kentucky on this one, so enjoy the festivities, grab a sparkler and a party hat, and be sure to tune in at 2:30 for the announcement.  Everything's been coming up roses right now for 2013; today doesn't look to be any different.

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