Happy National 'No Cursing' Day!

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thompson-boling-ut It's national no cursing days, which basically means I'm screwed. Beyond that, it's Friady, so let's get a couple of Friday afternoon notes as we get ready to go down to Thompson-Boiling tomorrow. I don't think we're in England anymore Though the game Thursday night ended up being a blow out as everyone thought it would be, I did have a rather earth-shattering experience before the game when I found out that my crush/fantasy/husband #2 Ben Roethlisberger was in attendance. I know he and Cal are friends and I'm well aware that the man is probably not really a fan but just scored some free tickets to watch one of the hottest teams in the nation play, but its really no matter. Seeing him with his nice rump in Rupp felt as though my two favorite things in the world had suddenly discovered one another. Yes, I got the same feeling when I discovered the garbage dip at Don Pablo's (ranch plus sour cream plus salsa!), but still it was an extremely exciting moment for me. And just a warning: if you mention Big Ben and UK on your facebook status, your friends may think you're traveling overseas. Also, feel free to email any pictures you might have/find/steal of him from last [email protected]   Read my lips: No missing basketball! I neither know nor care anything about politics, but this story had me laughing. Apparently Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning was upset about being called in last night to vote on some bill because, as any true Kentuckian would understand, he missed the UK-USC game.
"I have missed the Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9:00, and it's the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina since they're the only team that has beat Kentucky this year,"
I won't claim to understand what the bill he was voting on entails, but apparently it has something to do with satellite TV and broadcast network service. If nothing else, we know at least one lawmaker who has his priorities straight. Commence political nerd fight.   Yeah, about tomorrow.... Since Thompson-Boling arena opened in 1987, Kentucky is just 13-10 in the building, our worst record among SEC east opponent arenas (besides S. Carolina's new one). Obviously this has more to do with the strength of Tennessee teams and less to do with the actual building or their obnoxious fans, but it'll still be tough to play there tomorrow with less-than-fresh legs and less than 48 hours to prepare. As you'll recall, our last trip there ended with a little embarrassment for the home team, so I'd imagine the crowd and the team will be fired up. I'm hoping Boogie destroys some rebounding record this year just to demoralize them some more. Still, anytime Bruice and Johnnie meet up there are bound to be fireworks. Kentucky's record in SEC arenas:
Team Arena UK all-time record UK winning %
South Carolina Colonial Life Center 0-2 0.00%
Alabama Coleman Coliseum 18-16 52.94%
LSU Pete Maravich Center 18-15 54.55%
Tennessee Thompson-Boling Arena 13-10 56.52%
Florida Stephen C. O'Connell Center 17-13 56.67%
Vanderbilt Memorial Gymnasium 41-25 62.12%
Arkansas Bud Walton Arena 5-3 62.50%
Miss St. Humphrey Coliseum 17-9 65.38%
Georgia Georgia Coliseum 31-14 68.89%
Ole Miss Tad Smith Coliseum 25-9 69.44%
Auburn Beard-Eaves Memorial Col. 24-9 72.73%

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