Hartline And Trevathan Set To Be Captains Saturday

Will Lentzalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

I’m going to miss this.

At the beginning of the year, much was made about the uniqueness (and comedy value,) of a third year Senior Quarterback was not named a permanent team captain.  But then the games started and we realized that all the doubters were wrong and Mike Hartline put in a beastly year – save for a few understandable mistakes.  So it became even more strange that he wasn’t named captain.

But strangeness no more, as Hartline and Danny ‘plays more D than Samantha Ryan’ Trevathan have been named Captains for the Vanderbilt game.  It seems fitting, as Saturday will be Mike’s last game in commonwealth – his senior day.  After leading a much maligned career in Blue, Mike deserves a huge ovation against Vanderbilt.  I mean hey, he’s undefeated against Louisville.

Go Mike.

(And thank God for Trevathan.)

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