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Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
beisner1 A face tailor-made for radio.


By golly, when we say Kentucky Sports Radio, we flippin mean Kentucky Sports Radio. As you make all your preparations for the game, make sure you tune in to 1300 WLXG (for those in the Lexington area) and listen to Beisner talk about the Cats. TJ joins Matthew Laurence and Craig Yeast in the second hour of their pre-game show that starts at 1:30p. I'm sure the subject of Louisville Hate Day will come up and we will all be on pins and needles as Beisner debates whether or not to reveal Fake Gimel's real identity (Hint: It is Bernadette Locke Mattox). Relevant information is below:


Website: Listen live. Phone In: 859 381 1313 Email In: [email protected] (First emailer to mention Christopher Johns that gets read on the air gets my collection of Billy Clyde t-shirts)


Go Beisner. Go Cats. Go Krogering.

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