Hear What Some of the Players Had to Say Following the Loss

Hear What Some of the Players Had to Say Following the Loss

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IMG_4337 Drew Barker On the second half …  “They just had long sustained drives. Sometimes I guess it can kind of take the wind out of your sails. I mean, it was a good learning experience for us. It’s really a tale of two halves. We’ve been preaching ‘finish’ all year. We just got to keep working, put this one behind us, learn from it and you know we got a big game coming up against Florida. A division game, so you know, we just have to get ready for that.” On if USM made a defensive adjustment … “Yea, maybe a little. I mean, I feel like it was just more of their long sustained drives. They had just kind of took our momentum away from us. And then I had three turnovers in the second half. So that’s all my fault. But, yeah I think it was more of the long sustained drives really.” On where they were mentally offensively when they were up 35-10 … “Yeah, when things are going good everybody is really happy. So the spirits were good and we just got to translate that into the second half. Take that, just come into the locker room at halftime, refocus and go out there like the score is 0-0.” Kayaune Ross On the offensive struggles in the second half …  “It felt like our energy was low, but I also saw a lot of things that were good. It just hurts knowing the kind of team that we have, what type of guys that we have, but we just have to come in tomorrow and get our bodies right. I’m going to watch film and break down the game to fix it.” Boom Williams On what went wrong in the second half … “A lot went wrong in the second half, we know this one will hurt, but we have a big one in The Swamp next week.” On only having 13 carries … “It’s a team game, we have a lot of playmakers out there and they made some plays. When you do get the ball you just have to do the best you can and make a play. That’s the motto that I go by, no matter how many times I get the ball I just want to try to do something with it.” On scoring so quickly and causing the defense to be on the field longer … “We can’t have any excuses, we still need to go out there and play. We need to watch film and see where we can improve.”   J.D. Harmon   On if the team lost confidence when Southern Miss grabbed the lead … “Confidence is one of the things that I feel like we’ve earned it from all the work that we’ve put in. But, at the same time we left a lot of plays out there. And I mean, the only thing we can do now is look at the film, make the corrections and get ready for the next one. This game doesn’t determine our season whatsoever. So after we make these corrections, we’ll get ready for Florida and we’ll see where that takes us.”  

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