Herald-Leader Op-Ed Decries Louisville's Shamelessness

Nick Roushabout 4 years


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Nearly 30 years after the cover of Sports Illustrated was graced with "Kentucky's Shame," a Lexington pastor has a free tip for SI to encapsulate the many scandals surrounding the University of Louisville: "Louisville's Shame-lessness." In a week's time, the forensic audit detailed extensive corruption in the President's office, followed shortly after by NCAA infractions stemming from deplorable dorm-room behavior that was instigated by a men's basketball team staff member.  Penning an op-ed for the Herald-Leader op-ed, Rev. Robert Cunningham of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Lexington is less concerned with the actions of UofL's leaders, but with their reactions to the countless scandals.

So surely this has brought about institutional humiliation and contrition? Surely the fan base has finally had enough and is demanding drastic changes? Surely U of L has responded by taking responsibility and cleaning house?

One would think, but we’ve heard nothing of the sort. In fact, we’ve heard very little from the administration at all. Instead, we’ve heard Rick Pitino deflect the blame, defy the penalties and decry the NCAA (not just for their punishment, but apparently for giving Jimmy V cancer). Also, we’ve heard Louisville fans blindly justify and insanely rationalize.

Not all UofL fans lack this shame, but the overall attitude reflects the leadership.  Rev. Cunningham's outlook is bleak: "A culture without shame is like a body without pain receptors." [Herald-Leader]

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