Here Come the Gardner-Webb Bulldogs!

Here Come the Gardner-Webb Bulldogs!

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ooo Cheerleaders at Gardner Webb seem to be getting it done One down, rest of the season to go. The Cats took out Central Arkansas rather handily and now are looking to play everyone's favorite dynasty from North Carolina, Gardner-Webb. Aww GW.....when I was in law school in NC, I would see Gardner-Webb scores and ask myself "I wonder who goes to school there?" Well tonight we get to find out as they come into Rupp to help celebrate Billy Clyde's Birthday. Even though I watch approximately 5,000 college games a year, I havent seen Gardner-Webb play since those NC days and all their players from them have unfortunately passed we are left with random notes from last year. As Shawn Bridwell pointed out earlier today, they are not a strong offensive team and what scoring they did have has left. But as the announcer last night pointed out, sometimes if you are a bad team, it is good to have those bad players move on. With only one double-digit scorer returning, it is untelling what will happen in Rupp tonight....but my eyes will be focused directly on the cheerleaders either way. For Kentucky, it will be interesting to see if the strong players from last night repeat their performances. Will Kerry Benson and the Big Black Member get the playing time they had last night? Does Mark Coury see 36 minutes again? How about Joe Crawford....does he play 18 minutes, score 20 and then complain of fatigue? Will AJ Stewart find the court? And will the fanbase show up and actually make some noise? Lots to watch for as the day and game progress....

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