Hey Charlie! We're Hiring You As Football Coach, Charlie!

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Aritcle written by:The Fake Gimel MartinezThe Fake Gimel Martinez

Warning: This may be one of the most annoying videos of all time. I don't blame you for not watching the whole way through. But at least stick it out 30 seconds so you can understand the references -- specifically, the voices of the characters -- below. I think you'll find that Pink and Blue Unicorn sound very similar...

charlie the cardinal

Charlie the Cardinal: I've finally made it! A head coaching job of my own. I can't wait to make a name for myself. Oh, look; here comes some Louisville fans to congratulate me.


Pink Cardinal: Charrrrrrrrliieeeeeeee!


Magenta Cardinal: Charrrrrrrrliieeeeeeee!

Charlie the Cardinal: Guys, I'm proud to be your new football coa-

Pink: Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrliieee!

Magenta: Charrliieeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Pink: Charlie, you must lead us back!

Magenta: Yes, lead us back, Charlie!

Pink: Lead us to the Orange Bowl, Charlie!

Magenta: We were just there, Charlie!

Charlie the Cardinal: Orange Bowl? Heh, well let's not get to ahead of ourselves. It will take lots of hard wor-

Pink Cardinal: Charlie, we were just there! Lead us back now!

Magenta Cardinal: Lead us there, Charlie! We have the talent, Charlie!

Pink: The talent is here, Charlie!

Magenta: Charrrrrrrrrlllllieeee!

Charlie the Cardinal: Well, there are a lot of great players on the team. But there will be-

Pink: Charlie, all you need is Vic, Charlie

Magenta: Viiiiiic, Charrrrrrrrrlliiieeeee!

Charlie the Cardinal: Vic Anderson is a great talent, but he'll have to recover from surg-

Pink: Vic is ready to go now, Charlie!

Magenta: Victor cannot be stopped, Charlie!

Pink: Vic is too strong for SEC Defenses, Charlie!

Magenta: Vic will bust through the gates of hell for you, Charlie!

Charlie the Cardinal: Really guys, I-

Pink: Charrrrrrllliieee! We're a national program, Charlie!

Magenta: Our talent is unmatched, Charlie!

Pink: We could have went to a bowl this year, Charlie!

Magenta: We had a bad leader, Charlie!

Pink: But you are here now to lead us, Charlie!

Magenta: Charrrrrrrllliiieee!

Charlie the Cardinal: Really guys, I-

Pink: Charlie, tell us you will take us to the Orange Bowl, Charlie!

Magenta: Yes, tell us Charlie!

Charlie the Cardinal: The ultimate goal is-

Pink: Charrrrrrrrrrlieeeeeeeee!

Magenta: Charrrrrrrrrrlieeeeeeeee!

Pink: Charrrrrrrrrrlieeeeeeeee!

Magenta: Charrrrrrrrrrlieeeeeeeee!


Pink & Magenta: Yaaaaaaay!

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