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Hunter Campbellalmost 13 years


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Hey there folks. It's your old pal Hunter, here to be generally ignored by commenters in favor of arguing about Coach Gillispie and DeAndre Liggins. A proud day for me, it truly is. In case your computer's scroll is broken and you missed Evan's quality overnight post, I'm one of the finalists in the Who Wants to be a Blogger contest, and I'll be taking care of things around here this afternoon. The shift runs from now until 5, so strap in, or leave for a little while and then return to vote for me. I don't want you to feel obligated to hang, though. The other finalist, Corey Robertson, will be along tomorrow during the same time slot. So if you're looking for a way to kill one full workday in the form of two afternoons, we're your guys. Thus far in this contest, I've become Tomlin's boy (despite his lack of support for me in the voting in the last round. It's cool man, we can still be friends.) I've also been called a "piece of you know what" by someone who is apparently a friend of Tubby Smith's. The guy vowed to shut the site down if I won the contest, so if that happens I guess I apologize in advance, since I assume his wrath will be immediate, violent, and leave no survivors. My man Corey and I have miraculously survived a guy Matt Jones labeled the "Clay Aiken" of the contest, seemingly endless layoffs between rounds, and the near infiltration of the boys' club by two...gulp...girls. Still, we came out squeaky clean, unless you count the fingerprints on our glass floor. Just kidding, ladies. Anyway, I'm turribly (cue Charles Barkley) excited to have made it this far and hope to do everybody proud, especially the writers for this site because, you know, they have a pretty big role in choosing the winner I think. The assignment for this round was really no assignment at all. Basically, we get control of this crazy site for an afternoon, free to post as we please. We're supposed to do it pretty much like the guys here do it on a daily basis, so I'll bring you a few tidbits of news, assuming no actual news happens, since they're not exactly e-mailing immediate AP press releases to contest finalists. I still can't believe the lady at the AP laughed and hung up on me when I asked her about that. (***Edit: I actually sort of broke some news a little while ago, although technically Evan broke it first. Despit this, he has yet to break my spirit.)  My job, I think, is to try and make sure this runs as much like a normal day as possible. That said, today we're going to take a look back at some highlights of our rivalry with the Hoosiers, among other attempts to produce something useful out of the time I waste on the internet. I'll be back with you in a bit, so for now, enjoy what I envision my salary negotiations with Matt Jones will be like if I win this thing.

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