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[caption id="attachment_49211" align="alignnone" width="254" caption="Stacey Poole Jr. at the Kentucky Derby Classic"]poole[/caption] It's Saturday morning, and if you're a golf fan like me, this weekend should be a good one. I won't go on a Tiger tirade, except to say that I couldn't care less who he's begging to change their voicemail and knocking up. If he wins this weekend, I'm sure it won't silence his critics but it would be good for the game of golf and exciting to watch. I always tend to root for the underdog in golf, and for this weekend alone (probably the only in his career) I consider Tiger an underdog. So it should be interesting to see what happens today and tommorrow. I'll certainly be tuning in. Some Saturday morning links as we prepare for a week that (hopefully) will see some of our future roster take shape: -Last night, many of the area recruits met up for the "Night of Future Stars" at Freedom Hall. The actual scrimmage is tonight, and having attended last year, I remember how fun it was to try and out-cheer the largely UL biased crowd. It also began my hatred of all things Mike Marra. Oh the memories. -Jeff Goodman tells UK fans not to worry as long as Calipari is wearing blue. The mass exodus is just making room for more great talent to come. -Evan Turner won the Wooden Award last night, beating out Wall, Wesley Johnson (Syracuse), Da'Sean Butler (WVU), and Sherron Collins (KU). You gotta hand it to the kid for coming back from his broken back to have a stellar second-half of the season. -Deadspin has put together a list of the internet's best Tiger Woods commercial parodies. Numbers one and two are by far my favorites. -Mark Kriegel of Fox Sports went to a lot of trouble to put together a video obnoxiously explaining his take on the Kentucky roster situation.God i can't wait until we can put this vacated final four nonsense behind us and win a championship for Calipari.   Because this is a parody of my favorite movie of all time and because Kentucky fans can laugh at themselves (NSFW):

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