Home sweet home?

John Dubyaabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
http://espn-att.starwave.com/i/magazine/5_11/5_11_walker_5.jpg Former Wildcat and current Miami Heat forward, Antoine Walker, was robbed at gunpoint late last night in his Chicago residence. Thankfully 'Toine was not harmed, but initial reports state the culprits made off with jewelry, cash, and a car. This marks the second time in seven years 'Toine has found himself on the wrong end of a gun in his native Chicago. In July of 2000, Walker and fellow ex-cat Nazr Mohammed were robbed of nearly $55,000 in jewelry, as they unobtrusively sat in Walker's Bentley in a restaurant parking lot. Perhaps it's time 'Toine found a new offseason home...I hear Threepointland has plenty of open listings, just as I have an abundance of lame jokes. 'Toine, if you're reading this, I have an open spot here in Lexington. We could be roomies. I have a Playstation and we can play NBA Live all night; you can play as yourself of course, as long as you promise not to boost your attributes to 99. I also have HBO and make a pretty mean Rice Krispy treat. "Why do you shoot so many threes?" "Cause there are no fours." No fours, and no justice.

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