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homebrew  I've taken up a new hobby lately- homebrewing.  My girlfriend bought me a beer making kit for Christmas and I've spent the better part of this year crafting my own ale from the brewing, fermenting and bottling process.  It's been a really fun process and I've had a great time doing it.  It's given me a new appreciation for beer and for the first time in my life I'm actually interested in chemistry.  My inaugural batch of  Oliver Simmons Red Ale will be ready next Saturday for consumption and I'm pretty excited about it.  Now I just have to find a way to get rid of the 50 bottles that 5 gallons of beer made.  On the the news... --A wacky day in college basketball all the way around starting with Georgetown taking down #2 Villanova in DC.  The arena was practically empty due to the blizzard that struck the capital over the last 36 hours.  The Nova loss will allow UK to inch back towards the #1 spot Monday afternoon. --John Pelphrey's seat has cooled slightly at Arkansas.  The Razorbacks beat Auburn at home today to push their record to 5-3 in the SEC and they now sit alone at the top of the SEC West standing.  This is no doubt due much in part to the return of Courtney Fortson.  Here's hoping the Hogs can stay on track and Pel keeps his job. --Georgia finally got that breakthrough win beating Vandy at home.  If UGa finishes the season strong, does Mark Fox challenge Cal for COY honors? --Texas lost again, this time at Oklahoma.  While they're losers of the last 4 of 6, I'm not completely ready to write them off as a national title contender.  Big showdown in Austin against Kansas Monday night.  We'll know more about this team then. --Word broke today that Coach Orlando Antigua missed the trip to Baton Rouge with a torn achillies.  I can only imagine that would hurt like hell.  Coach Cal was asked after the game by the Good Doctor if Coach O tore the tendon on a reverse dunk, Cal said no, that it happened "while he was struggling to get up and down the floor."  Get well soon, Coach O. --Coach Cal's iPhone app continues to be one of the most popular on iTunes.  The app sells for $2.99 with the proceeds going to the Calipari Family Foundation for Children.  I haven't been able to pin down exactly what the app does, but I'm sure it's pretty cool.  Erin Calipari bought it and had this to say via Facebook, "just downloaded the coach cal iphone application...now I can have a one sided conversation with my dad on my iphone...He talks, I listen, I talk, he doesn't....which is basically no different than usual". --I tweeted about this the other day (@pfbarker), but it's looking increasingly like a UK record is going to fall next weekend in Dallas.  The NBA is hoping to get 100,000 people to attend the All-Star game when it is held at the new Cowboys Stadium on Sunday.  Of course, the current record for attendance at a basketball game is held by UK and Michigan State at Ford Field for the Basketbowl on December 13, 2003, which was attended by 78,129. --I've noticed that they've reinforced traffic lights at the corner of  Euclid and Woodland in the last couple weeks.  I believe I know why, and it feels good.  --Aaron reported that Bob Knight won't be in Lexington next weekend for the UK/Tennessee GameDay.  What a wuss.    It was a painfully slow day in terms of news, so that about does it for tonight.  Get ready for tomorrow when we'll talk more LSU, look forward to Alabama on Tuesday and Drew will be by to share his favorite Super Bowl party recipes and cost saving tips.  22-1.  Go Cats! One more thing, here's the postgame interview with Boogie courtesy of John Clay.  A quick question here- Why a Toronto Blue Jays hat?  I have a hard time believing Boogie was a fan of Joe Carter. ">

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