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hotty-toddy When the Cats face Ole Miss tonight, it will mark the first time that the two of squared off against each other since Colonel Black Bear (yes, a black bear) took over mascot duties from Colonel Reb.  It also will mark the final time we can say farewell to "Hotty Toddy", an actual finalist for the Ole Miss open mascot position.  Yes, this meathead in a headband had enough support on campus to garner 42% of votes after being named one of three finalists, along with the bear and a shark.  So, keep Hotty Toddy in your thoughts an prayers as he heads to the Jersey Shore in the sky.  And ladies, don't say we never did anything for you here. A few notes...  - After opening as a nine-point road favorite against Ole Miss tonight in Oxford, the line has shifted a bit and Kentucky is now favored by (only) six points.  Given UK's struggles on the road and their inability to keep a substantial lead, it makes a little bit of sense, I guess.  But, considering the Black Bears are 1-5 in conference and 0-3 at home with losses by 4, 20 and 16 points, it might be a little low. - Not a lot of UK news today, but Jody Demling reported that Louisville quarterback DaMarcus Smith will now wait to sign until Friday.  Smith had once been said to be enrolling early and there were hopes that UK could get involved after the Cards took the verbal of Teddy Bridgewater.  While there might be a little Newton-Mossakowski situation brewing for the Cards, it's the Central Florida Black Knights that have entered the picture, not the Cats. - With Signing Day just a few hours away, the focuse of the UK staff and fan base will be on a trio of in-state players who could make the call to be Cats.  As far as odds go, Bubba Tandy seems to be the most likely.  In fact, him not signing with the Cats would be a major surprise.  The next most likely would be Lamar Dawson, the state's best prospect, and one that the Cats feel very good about right now.  Jon Davis, however, seems to be more and more like a long shot every day, though UK's staff still remains optimistic.  All three would be huge.  Getting two would be good.  Losing Dawson and Davis - especially if he flips to the Cards - would be disasterous. - Just in time for pay day this week, Ultimate Sports Connection has released, well, I'll let them tell you via Tweet:  "Derrick Locke Product Is In Stock!!! Get it now at the lowest prices you will EVER see for his Exclusive..."  You can make your purchase here.  I'm sure it doesn't need to be said, but no chump change.  lol - In what could be bittersweet for a UK cheerleading team that placed second to them in the national championships, Alabama's cheerleaders will not receive rings from the school because they do not consider it a sport.  This story is particularly tragic considering most of those girls only went to college to get a ring.  And then have kids and lay around in sweatpants all day.  I hope my wife isn't reading this.  Or, actually, I hope she is. - In case you haven't heard, Urban Meyer was hired by ESPN to cover college football.  Sportscenter thinks highly of him.  Other people aren't thinking so highly of ESPN. Make sure you check out this morning's edition of Kentucky Sports Radio if you missed it.  Matt and Zach welcomed Chip Cosby and Greg Brohm into the studio before spiraling into Saved The Bell talk and taking one of the greatest calls of all-time from Fake Billy Gillispie.  Give it a listen.

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