How Bad Will Attendance Get?

Andrew Cassadyalmost 9 years


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Yesterday Stuart Hammer posted this graph that demonstrates the sharp and steady decline in attendance that has occurred since our last big win against South Carolina in 2010. So far this year attendance has been nothing short of disappointing. Kent St. 48346 Western. 53980 South Carolina. 49810 With the on the field results it is hard to blame the fans for not showing up. Nobody wants to go and see their favorite team get beat. So just how bad will attendance get? With just four games left at home things look like they could get much worse. This Saturday could set a lower total than the Kent St. game. Not only is it a noon kickoff in October but it is also opening day of Keeneland. Clearly having an SEC opponent didn't draw people out for South Carolina, how can Mississippi State be any better. After that the Cats face currently fifth ranked Georgia in a game where they could be 1-6 or 2-5 or at the very best 3-4. If they have the 1-6 record it would be impossible to get fired up for the game and only the die-hards would probably make the trip.   But at least Georgia is usually a good game and offers a chance to see a team in the national championship hunt. What about Vandy? Vandy will be right along Kentucky for the worst team in the SEC east. If Kentucky still has just 1 win at this point how could anybody desire to watch the game unfold. But the real low point could be Samford. Depending on UK's record could this game get below 40000? What do you think? How bad is attendance going to be when the season has finally come to an end?    

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