How is Shabazz's Weekend Going?

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shabazzpalms As Kentucky prepares to take on UT-Chattanooga this evening at 8pm (Live Blog around 7:45!), some high-profile recruits are busy playing in one of the nation's toughest high school tournaments.  A tournament we've discussed several times over the years here at KSR, the City of Palms Classic in Fort Myers, Florida is hosting Shabazz Muhammad and his star-studded high school squad. As the final minute ticked down, Shabazz and Bishop Gorman found themselves down 2, 57-55, to Blanche Ely.  Of course, everyone thought 'Bazz would be the  man with the ball in his hands.  And he was...until the opponent tripled team him and forced a pass.  Mere seconds later, crisp ball movement led to the unassuming Bishop Gorman point guard, Noah Robotham, drilling the game-winning three ball with 14 seconds on the clock. It's quite odd that a team with as much talent as Bishop Gorman was in such a tight match with a Florida high school that shares a name with a promiscuous 'Golden Girl', but just as the IU-UK game showed, sometimes a team that is vastly superior can falter. The truth is, this Blanche team is the best team in Florida.  But if you look at the talent on Gorman's team, they should never lose a game.  Fortunately for Shabazz, a teammate made a huge play and they were able to scoop up the victory and continue on in this prestigious tournament. So, yeah, Shabazz is having a good weekend so far. Muhammad racked up 27 points and 7 rebounds, which are actually fairly meager numbers for the star.  His team will play again on Monday.  More interestingly, Shabazz commented on UCLA and their issues:
"It affected it when UCLA was losing early," Muhammad said. "It had me thinking how I'd fit in. It's tough. I don't want to go to a school on the downturn. But I think they can turn it around."
We've already mentioned that many are starting to believe Shabazz is a Kentucky lean.  I'd agree with that statement, and Muhammad's comments, despite the guarded optimism about UCLA turning things around, show that he's a smart kid who is looking out for his future. OH.  And he has a new Hoopmixtape that just...there are no words.  So much second-hand embarassment from the posterizations.  Please, don't hurt'em, Hammer. C'mon down, Shabazz.  The waters warm here in Kentucky.  And feel free to tweet about UK tonight and how they look like they are on the opposite of a downturn. Check back later for updates in regards to tonight's UK game, folks.  Here's to hoping the Cats come out with a new fire.

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