How Logan Stenberg uses Trash Talk to his Advantage

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Logan Stenberg became an All-SEC offensive guard by using his hands and his mouth. A physical presence on the left side of Kentucky's offensive line, the Madison, Alabama native has taken opponents out of games and tangled with them from time to time. The mean mauler grew up 100 miles north of Hoover, cheering for the Crimson Tide. "I was an Alabama fan, but I dropped that quick once I realized that I was going to be playing college football." Stenberg never received ]that coveted call from Nick Saban during his recruiting process. "There was a chip on my shoulder for sure, but no hard feelings." That chip on Stenberg's shoulder is evident when he plays. You can see it on film, but you can't hear what he's saying in the trenches. He shared his trash-talking strategy with KSR. "I try to find their weakness. I'm not trying to trash-talk on the first play of the game. I'm going to see where you're weak, I'm going to expose that and make you feel embarrassed. I really think that playing offensive line is a double whammy. You gotta really intimidate them and play with their mind, and you got to beat them physically." Stenberg's ability to get under people's skin gives him a leg up on the defense. "I believe if you're focused on me, more than what you're supposed to be doing, I've won that battle," he said. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it worked. I've definitely seen some type of progress in what it's doing. I see some benefit in it. I find that it really helps me because it makes me mad. When I'm mad, I play harder and I really wanna get the better of that man." Stenberg plays better when he's mad, but sometimes it gets the best of him. After starting two years without missing a game, he's drawn a few personal foul penalties in his time on the line. He's still learning how to balance his rage in the trenches. "There's definitely a fine line. We're working on that this offseason. Coach Schlarman has expressed his -- we won't be getting any personal fouls this year, I promise you that. If I do, I probably won't be living the next day," he laughed. "It's a fine line, I gotta learn how to walk it. I haven't learned yet, so hopefully I can learn this year." [mobile_ad]

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