How long before Benny Hinn takes out Duke?

How long before Benny Hinn takes out Duke?

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
If you are like me, then some of the best news of yesterday was the amazing victory of Oral Roberts University over Kansas in an upset that just continues to seal Bill Self's doomed fate in Lawrence. Kansas was thought to have one of the three most talented teams in the country coming into the season and the loss continues to prove that it is a new age in college basketball. If you are a mid-major team (or in Oral Roberts' case a non-major team) and you are filled with talented upper classmen who have played together, you can pull of upsets. Get used to it folks.....there wont be a George Mason every year, but there will be games like last night every season. Still last night's win reinforced one of the oddest things about major college basketball to me, mainly that there is a top team named Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts last year made the NCAA Tournament and some even thought they could be the first 16 seed team to win an NCAA first round game before their matchup with Memphis. For you young people who may not have been around to remember, the name "Oral Roberts" may have no meaning.....but for those of us who have been around a bit, or who just watched too much television when we were younger, Oral Roberts is a name synonymous with bizarre behavior. Growing in prominence during the "Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart" age of tele-evangelism. Roberts was on television extolling his virtues for a number of years in the late 80s. In 1987, he told his television flock that God was going to "take him home" if he was not able to raise 8 million dollars from his viewers.....which he did. Roberts has claimed to have personally raised the dead and according to some websites, has told followers that he will one day return when Christ comes to rule the world as one of his assistants. Put simply, Oral Roberts has always been....well, different. Yet no one seems to blink an eye that growing small basketball power that is simply his name. I mean it takes some amazing cojones to name a school after yourself. Heck Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson at least named their respective schools "Liberty" and "Regent." Oral went all out however and just put his name on the building (have others done this?) and now it is accepted that bizarre Oral has a top basketball college. Even though I am slowly becoming desensitized to it, I still take a second look when I hear the school's name. Will there be a moment where Oral says the team must win 25 games or God will take him inside the pearly gates? Maybe this will become common and first round NCAA Tournament games of the future will be Benny Hinn versus Duke, James Dobson versus Syracuse and Kirk Cameron versus Kentucky. Who knows? But the next time you are deciding whether to pull for (or God forbid, bet on) Oral Roberts, you want God's assistant against you in the future......

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