How Max Duffy is Adjusting from Australia to Kentucky

Nick Roushover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


[caption id="attachment_233783" align="alignnone" width="952"] UK Athletics[/caption] The latest Australian sensation to punt for the Kentucky football team landed in Lexington about a month ago.  A former professional in Australian Rules Football, Max Duffy has a lot to learn before Kentucky kicks off the 2018 season against Central Michigan. The biggest adjustment is on the field.  He has to learn the game of football.  If you've ever tried to teach somebody the nuances of the game, it isn't easy.  On a more simplistic level, Duffy simply has to learn how to kick a ball while wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. "Coming from Australia, [I'm] still learning the rules," Duffy said.  "I'm still learning the positions and all that kind of thing.  It's really important for me to get here early and have six to eight months before I hopefully play a game, to get used to everything and to get used to wearing pads and helmets and things like that." Off the field, he's had some practice studying at the university level.  His psychology classes aren't much different.  However the cultural differences are remarkable. "The food's a lot different.  I'm getting used to the food.  There's a lot of takeaway joints here." The biggest difference is the language.  No, he doesn't have to learn a new one, but he does have to learn the slang. "The way people talk; there's a lot of slang.  I know we have a lot of slang coming form Australia, but there's a lot of slang I'm having to ask my housemates, 'What is he on about?'" The differences in food and language collided for an awkward interaction at Subway. "I had trouble at Subway because I was trying to order capsicum and no one knows what capsicum is." So what is a capsicum?  "Apparently, it's green peppers.  I'm still sticking to capsicum," he laughed. That story is much funnier if you listen to him tell it in this video from Curtis Burch. [mobile_ad]

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