How the Bye Week Worked for Stephen Johnson

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[caption id="attachment_208243" align="alignnone" width="746"]UK Athletics UK Athletics[/caption] There's no better time to have a Bye Week than right in the middle of the season.  After a hard fought battle at Alabama, Stephen Johnson struggled in the passing game, but still managed to get a win against Vanderbilt. "I think there was an effect from the week before when we played Alabama because you don't have any time against them, if you've noticed," Mark Stoops said at today's press conference.  "He rushed a couple (throws), but that comes from experience and playing." Johnson completed only 41.7% of his passes against a Vanderbilt, his lowest as a Kentucky starter.  Stoops said he bounced back in practice last week.  A little time to unwind is just what the junior college transfer needed. "He looked good.  He looked sharp.  Mentally he had a weekend to decompress for a moment, take a step back and recharge a little bit," Stoops said. Now with four starts under his belt, Stoops believes he's more comfortable in the pocket.  That alone should fix most of the problems in the passing game. "Comfort level is a big part of it. You're more comfortable when you're staying ahead of the chains and your offense is hitting on all cylinders," he said.  "Some of it will be an easy fix; just having the comfort level and experience.  Some of it we'll continue to work on." Drew Barker has yet to be ruled out for the season, but Stoops is not worried, confident that Johnson will continue to improve and win games for the Wildcats under center. "I'm very comfortable with him.  He's going to get better and better as we go along.  Look at the things he's done to help us win.  He's 3-1 as the starter, right? He's made some very critical plays.  Maybe it doesn't always look pretty as far as throwing the ball sometimes, but when he's doing the things with his legs and decision-making to help us win football games, that's what it's all about."

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