How To Get From "Small Enes Fan" to "Big Enes Fan"

Dustin Rumbaughover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
Small Enes Enes Kanter is probably the most mysterious recruit to commit to UK since the great Konner Tucker. Not a lot is known about him, his eligibility or his game. While my fellow writers and the band of KSR spies are sure to come up with quite a few nice pictures and myths about Kanter (Please wear Jargos on campus), I've scoured the net and found out almost everything there is to know about Kanter at this early point in his collegiate career. Here's your guide to become the biggest Enes fan out there: Eligibility The questions about Kanter's eligibility stem from his time playing for a Turkish Club. Zag's blog does a nice run down of some the eligibility questions surrounding both Turkish and other Euro-ballers. Kanter's Turkish Club placed him on a roster for a few games with other Turkish players, some of which were paid for beyond the allowed expenses. Basically they were a pro- and amateur-mixed roster. This is a no-no when it comes to the current NCAA guidelines. However, there is a proposed rule change that would allow for this unfortunate situation to not prohibit these European players from competing at the NCAA level. The reason I say unfortunate is based on the fact that some of these Euro players have no choice but to join a club level team in order to play basketball because of the lack of tradition "high school" level basketball. It could be likened to the US not allowing players at the AAU level, not getting paid, to compete at the NCAA level, although there was no high school basketball alternative. The proposed rule change has a lot of backing and will be decided on in August. For Calipari to offer a scholarship and receive a commitment from Kanter, he must be confident in both Kanter not getting paid and also having the rule pass. He's probably a lot more informed on both levels than most other people. A Personal Look At Kanter There isn't much, but let's take a look at what is out there: Lesson 1 - Kanter can push his weight around on the low block and get to the basket. European people don't title their videos very well. Lesson 2 - Kanter can score through contact and European people enjoy multiple replays, in both slow and fast motion, of the same offensive play working against the same defensive scheme. Lesson 3 - Enes Kanter means Psycho Killer of Basketball in traditional Turkish. Lesson 4 - Kanter can finish through contact and isn't afraid to pull it from outside. The secret to UK landing him was apparently a genius move by Cal for putting him with Jorts. European coaches wear jeans. Coincidence? Lesson 5 - Kanter attacking the glass. Better than Youtube, you can get your own look at Kanter when he competes with the "World Select" team at the Nike Hoop Summit on April 10th. The game station and time is still TBA but it will be televised somewhere.

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