How ugly will it get?

Hunter Campbellover 11 years

comments your answer for John Wall? It's that time folks. The showdown with the filthy Cards is but a day away, and it's time to get those predictin' hats on again. Why, no, I'm not concerned with whether you think the Cats will win or lose, because obviously we're going to win. Instead, my only question bad will it be? There are people who will tell you this game is destined to be close because it is a rivalry game. That despite our gaudy record and Louisville's woes, the game will be a tight one simply because these games are close and that's how it is. I am not one of those people. Put me in the group of people who realize that we are better at every single position than the dirty birds. The same group that says Edgar Sosa is not only not in the same league as John Wall, that they're basically playing two different sports. The group that says Samardo Samuels will look much more like the third-best big man on the floor tomorrow than the second-ranked recruit he once was. Yes, I happen to think that we will crush Louisville tomorrow, despite delusional flat-billed fans that believe their beloved birdies can not only cover the 13-point spread, but beat us outright. I believe Rupp will be as electric as any can remember it, and that no one on the floor, including our young Cats, has seen anything like it. I believe that if they full-court press us, it will be so bad Slick Rick will have to apologize for the indiscretion in the postgame press conference. I believe that Pitino will wish he'd never left Lexington and that he could get out of town as soon as possible all at the same time. I could literally go all day spouting off reasons why I think we will destroy Louisville. Unfortunately, the hangover I'm nursing (Happy New Year!) will cause me to cut this short. Suffice it to say that I think a whole lot of things need to go right for Louisville to keep it within 10 on Saturday afternoon. Now, keep in mind this is just one blogger's opinion, and one that may be biased by the fact that I live in Louisville with so many insufferable Card fans. Maybe I just want to see us annihilate Louisville so bad I've tricked myself into thinking it's going to happen. Maybe I'm crazy. Nope. I'm not. Cats by 23. What say you?

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