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I don’t support Rascal Flatts, but the song wouldn’t stop going through my head last night.

So you’ve had a night to sleep on it, does it feel better yet? Through your whiskey hangover and nightmares about Lane Kiffin, have you come to terms with what was one of the most gut wrenching games since the last time the dirty Vols came to Lexington?

Yeah, me neither.  (Okay, maybe my temper has cooled a little bit, but the hurt is still there.)

But as many a bumper sticker at the Tennessee Convenience stores will tell you (and I hear they look great on the back of environmentally friendly cars,) “When you find yourself in hell, keep going.” So keep going we will, with only a few glances in the rear view mirror.

Sunday Morning Links:

-MaryJo Perino has a nice write up about the Heartbreak Hotel we all checked into last night, and it seems to envelop how most of us were feeling last night.

-If you want to see someone that feels worse about last nights game than you do, check out the player interviews from the locker room.  We’re proud of what you guys did out there, we’re feeling for you.

-As usual, Tru over at ASoB has a nice postmortem summary. He even discusses a logical reason why we may not have seen as much wildcat in the second half (beyond the popular theory that Joker can’t coach.)

-But, for those of you still upset about Cobb not getting the ball, Mark Story has a piece dedicated to exactly that. With some mildly infuriating if not puzzling quotes from Brooks, we are still left to wonder why exactly the ball wasn’t in the best player on the teams hands in the final shot at a TD.

-Yesterday wasn’t a total loss in the world of UK sports, though.  If only because Louisville had it worse.  Not only did they lose to the UNLV Fighting Derrick Jaspers (who finished with 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists,) they lost their dearly beloved Steve Kragthorpe. CBS covers the situation here, but the most interesting part may be the quote that “(He) just didn’t seem like the right fit from day one.”  Even when firing coaches, little brother has to find ways to imitate us.  Cute.

That’s about it for this morning.  Stick around and we should have a season wrap up, as well as a look at who might be coaching the Dirty Cards next year (hint: it may not be who you think.)

Feel better everyone, it’s a new day.

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