Hut, Hut, Hike: Football Stories

Christopher Johnsabout 11 years


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How was that weekend for ya? Unless you were a Bengals fan, I'd say it was pretty good. Nice to see our football team uncork a bottle of score juice about this time of year, no? Even though it came at the expense of little cousin, I'll take that kind of football excitement from the Wildcats anytime. Let's get to some of the latest football related stories:


Hut: The always great Brett Dawson shines the light on UK's worries, specifically run defense. Joker wants to contain the big plays. I'm sure we all agree with that assessment.


Hut: Speaking of Western, right before the game, WKYT posted a little synopsis of the state of Hilltopper football and how they hoped to climb the ladder. Let's get this straight though: Louisville is little brother. Western can be little cousin or half sister or something, but the little brother mantle is the moniker for the 'ville.


Hike: The AP continues with Joker's criticism of the team. DeQuin Evans is the target of his ire in this article, but it also contains this nugget: Joker is the first coach since Bear Bryant to open his career with 2 straight wins. Anytime you get compared to Bear Bryant, I'm calling that a good thing. Go Cats.

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