I don't think this is what killed the animals in Monroe County
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I don't think this is what killed the animals in Monroe County

TJ Walkerabout 3 years


Article written by:TJ WalkerTJ Walker
[caption id="attachment_246601" align="alignnone" width="800"] WYMT[/caption] Nearly two weeks ago the Commonwealth learned something killed three horses and two dogs in Monroe County. Three days ago another animal was found mysteriously dead. Some have panicked. Many continue to speculate. We still don't have answers. Folks in Monroe County have had to be extra careful watching their pets and kids, and I don't blame them. Some of the braver folks have set out to try and capture the animal, person, or whatever is responsible. I searched the depths of Twitter to see if we could find what was responsible. I think we need to keep looking: Here's the tweet Shannon referenced on today's Kentucky Sports Radio. I'm not so sure one of these would kill a big dog. It'd be a good fight. Also, I like that STD had to convince himself several times that it was fake. He definitely wanted to believe it was real: https://twitter.com/tanner_tabor/status/1039971172438482945 This one also seems fake: https://twitter.com/bigblue3143/status/1040269115552935936 Some of the experts have assumed that it's a cougar or mountain lion. Many conspiracy theorist are saying it was Big Foot. What if both were right?: https://twitter.com/Jeff_Pile/status/1038045838201765888 This could actually be our culprit below. It's only about 100 miles from where this mountain lion was spotted in Tennessee to Monroe County. I'm no big cat expert, but surely they could walk 100 miles over the course of a few days. Then again there was another dead animal three days ago, so who really knows. https://twitter.com/chrisconte/status/1039968136173379584 In all seriousness, continue to be on the lookout in Monroe County. I've seen actual pictures of the deceased animals and I wish I didn't. It's not pretty. If an animal is truly doing this I wouldn't take my eyes of my pet. Be safe, folks. [mobile_ad]

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