I really need Katina Powell to chill out
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I really need Katina Powell to chill out

Drew Franklinabout 3 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


As a big fan of Katina Powell's work, I must say I'm a little disappointed in her behavior lately. She is such a great author -- Breaking Cardinal Rules is a masterpiece -- but it's tough to stand in her corner when she finds herself in trouble so often. The latest allegations against Powell are pretty bad. Really bad, actually. According to WDRB, she is under investigation for a violent robbery of a Louisville dentist:
Thomas Tyre, who has previously disclosed a relationship with Powell, claims in a Louisville Metro Police investigative report that Powell and her brother, Ernest Powell, entered his home Saturday night and Katina Powell demanded money. Ernest Powell is accused of pulling out a knife and cutting Tyre inside his mouth. The two men struggled and Tyre suffered knife wounds on his hands, according to the report. Tyre, 55, said Katina Powell told Ernest “not to hurt him that bad during the assault,” according to the police narrative. [WDRB]
Tyre isn't a new character in the Katina Powell story. He's the man she allegedly stole blank checks from and then cashed at a liquor store in a case that is still pending. He's not so clean, either. WDRB notes he is facing three counts of unlawfully prescribing or administering controlled substances to his patients, and was arrested last month. If I'm going to continue to back Powell, I need her to reel it in a little bit because this is killing her brand as an author. It's also killing the value of my Katina Powell memorabilia collection.

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