If John Calipari took over KSR...

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During halftime of Saturday's football game, the KSR live blog turned into a collection of Coach Cal's best quotes, but with a KSR spin. The submissions we got from commenters were too good to leave in the live blog, so I went back and picked out the best to share with you here in this first (and probably only) edition of "If John Calipari took over KSR..." Add your own in the comments section. ************* "Be your blogger's keeper." "If you can't blog, we can't hide you." "It's not for everyone. You can't expect to come in here and write 20 posts per day. It's a shared sacrifice." "I don't like the font system. But if it's Tahoma versus Times New Roman, I'm taking Tahoma every time." "Write your blog." "I'm the grandson of a Pennsylvania coal miner and now I'm the editor on a Kentucky sports blog." "KSR is the Commonwealth's blog." "If KSR won the Pulitzer and none of our writers got drafted, I'd be disappointed." "When John Wilmhoff got the call from ESPN, I said if you want to do what is best for you and your family, go to ESPN.  If you want to do what is best for me and my family, stay at KSR for four years." "Early in the year, we'll have a lot of typos. But I expect us to be one of the best blogs in March." "I said when KSR got a new server, it was the best day in the history of KSR. Now people get mad at me for saying that." "If a blogger comes back and gets carpal tunnel, what am I gonna tell that blogger?" "We don't have a magic mouse. Any website can do what we're doing. It's just that, in three years, we've had 15 writers find full-time jobs." "Last year, Drew Franklin wrote the fifth most blogs. Tyler Thompson wrote the fourth most. Now, they're No. 1 and 2 on the site." "KSR is here to hang banner ads."

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