If UK were an "Arrested Development" character...

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


secad.0_standard_709.0 Earlier this week, I shared my love for "Arrested Development," one of TV's most underrated comedies that will return with new episodes Sunday on Netflix. All week, pop culture blogs have been full of posts heralding the show's return, and now, a South Carolina sports site has even gotten in on the fun, assigning an "Arrested Development" character to each SEC football team. Who would UK be? UK Kentucky: Maeby Funkë
Occasionally able to deceive onlookers into thinking they're more valuable than they are. Identifies with Vanderbilt, as both go largely ignored. Practices form of rebellion by being basketball school.
Obviously the Gamecocks are still a little bitter about losing Drew Barker to us, but I'll give the site credit: some of their picks are spot on. I especially like Arkansas as Lucille Austero.

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