If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

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Leave it to Bob Knight to take an ordinary chair and fill it with story and drama. Yesterday, USA Today let the cat out of the bag nationwide for something we had suspected through the weekend: Bobby Knight will in fact call two Kentucky games this season.  Thankfully for everyone, neither of those games will be at Rupp.  Personally, I'm excited for it, in the same way that I'm excited for all the horribly awkward moments on The Office that end up being hysterical because of the obvious discomfort of all those involved. However, if any Kentucky fan is upset (and there's good reason to be), I can almost guarantee that they're not as upset about this as, well... Bobby Knight.  The guy wouldn't even say "Kentucky" last season, and now has to say it at least three times in forty minutes.  Twice.  Not only that, but should Kentucky win whatever game he's calling (which they'll likely be favored to), (man-)Booby will have to find some way to at least try to sound nice. So, I've compiled a top-ten list of the most likely backhanded compliments we'll hear from the General during the course of his time with the Wildcats this season.  If you think of some, leave them in the comments and I'll update the list with the best ones as the day goes on.   Ten Backhanded Compliments from Bobby Knight: 1) Cal's got some pretty good reasons to be so narcissistic. 2) You know, he's really done well for someone with his coaching ability. 3) That Kyle Wiltjer is a lot better than he looks. 4) This team makes a convincing argument for a sweeping overhaul of our post-high school education system.  Good for them. 5) I could really see Alex Poythress coming into his own someday 6) These players are more "street smart" sort of kids. 7) I cannot believe how lucky this team is. 8) I like Nerlens Noel's flat top. It really slims his face. 9) Harrow can jump pretty well for a guy his size. 10) At least the folks in Kentucky have basketball to look forward to. Update: RealCatsFan: "For a group of kids who don't attend class together, Calipari really has them playing as a team..." Back Handed Compliment: "“What your seeing is how easy it shoot dunk shoots. If Kentucky starts shooting jump-shots they obviously are going to score this many points” Blue Notes: "When my national championship Indiana team went undefeated in 1976, we played a tough Missouri team like this one."

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