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"First, they ignore you. Second, they laugh at you. Third, they fight you. Finally, you win." --Ghandi Obviously, Mohatmas is referring to Kentucky's recent three game skid that came, finally, to a halt. A painful halt. Probably the sloppiest slump buster since Turkey Hunter's last Friday at McCarthy's. But hey, the Cats had to have this one and they got it. Their slate cleaned and their urgency refocused, Kentucky proved several points tonight: --Georgia is reaaaaallly baaaad. I know it's trendy to say they're a team on the rise with a great coach and improving players, but...man. To force 26 turnovers and still lose by 7 doesn't speak much for an offense. The saddest aspect of their woefulness, is the fact they were able to beat both Vandy and Alabama. --Added to Kentucky fan's hate list, is Younes Idrissi. This guy actually tried to take a charge on a Sparks drive. He's dirty, soft, and looks like a Saul Smith/Michael Richards love child. Surprising that he's not contributing more, the basketball talent coming out of Morocco is usually pretty legit. Idrissi joins Marco Killingsworth, Ronaldo Balkman, Joakim Noah, and the entire UL roster on the 2005-06 All-Hated team. --It was obvious throughout the game that Tubby has indeed altered his approach to this fragile egg in which he coaches. He was, for the most part, completely positive and reassuring--which says something considering how bedraggled we were with the ball. He was high-fiving and slappin rear-ends like it was his birthday at Solid Platinum. --Welcome back to the doghouse Smooth. Not sure why, but hey, you'll always have Bowfinger. --Kentucky's rebounding effort tonight was supreme. How about 46-26 on the glass. Haven't seen rebounding this hard since Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett. Combine that with a 50% - 35% FG shooting edge, and it just leaves you flabbergasted how UK could not blow this team out. Then again, 26-14 in the TO margin will do that to you. --Sheray Thomas--PF of the future... for the CBDL. --Brandon Stockton-- This one time, when he was in high school, I saw him score 42 points. Swear. Nobody deserves some PT before graduating like B-Stock though, someone who knows what it means to suit up in that locker room... but please get out of the doghouse Smooth!! --Sparks: 11 pts, 6 rebs, 5 asts...7 TO. That quadruple-dub is coming Pat, keep working. --I thought Morris played his best game of the season tonight. 22 minutes is not enough, but Tubby likes Woo's screening and fouling. The big fella had 12 pts on 6-9 FG, 7 bullish boards, and played exceptional on defense. --You know the NCAA selection comittee is already salivating over a possible UK/UL showdown as an 8 vs. 9 game. The winner of course to play Duke. What a way for them to capitalize on two disapointing, but important teams. Both have some work to do of course... A win is indeed a win, and should be cherished like its diamond studded (Chuck Hayes, where are thine ears?). 20 wins would all but cement a spot in the dance, and that's going to be dicey: @ South Carolina Ole Miss @LSU @UT UF Four of those games must be Dubs or the SEC tourney is going to be our morphine drip. Great to see a win tonight, unfortunately, in very-unconvincing fashion. I hope the slate gets a good wax job before Columbia.

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