I'm In The Christmas Spirit

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
santa ***Before you read this, know I have no more tickets (or stamps)*** In my infinite attempts to re-endear myself to KSR Nation, I am willing to offer you something for free.  At the game last night, they passed out commemorative game tickets.  These are replicas of the actual ticket from last night (with Ramon Harris on the front), but at the bottom says "2,000TH WIN".  I picked up a few extras and am willing to give them to you- for free.  Now how's that for an amiable blogger?  You don't even have to jump through a hoop to get them, just email me your address at [email protected] and I will send them out to you today.  I'll take the first 10 to email me.  Man, I'm a nice guy.  And don't you forget it! So when the next KSR Approval Ratings get posted, I expect to be bumped past Chris Johns and BTI, at least.  Because remember, which blogger on this site has given more stuff away in the last 3 months?  Is it Papa Jones?  Nope.  Fake Gimel?  Please.  That's right.  It's me.  Murry Christmas. ***UPDATE**** I got 50 emails in 5 minutes.  I am out of tickets.  Incredible response!

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