Immanuel Quickley on playing with Zion Williamson: "I think it’ll happen for us in the end."

Immanuel Quickley on playing with Zion Williamson: "I think it’ll happen for us in the end."

Jack Pilgrimabout 4 years


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[caption id="attachment_232991" align="aligncenter" width="1385"] © Jeff Blake | USTSI[/caption] Back at the adidas Gauntlet Finale in Spartanburg, SC, we learned Zion Williamson and Immanuel Quickley wanted to become a package deal. According to Jason Jordan of USA Today, the star duo aren't considered a "package deal" anymore, but both still want to play together in college. “We’re not a package deal,” Williamson said in an interview with Jordan. “We have definitely talked about playing together in college and I want to play with him, but it’s gotta be an individual decision. He’s a great player so it makes sense and some of the schools he’s looking at are recruiting me too. “I definitely want to be in a situation where I’m playing with players that are getting me better every day by pushing me and vice versa. He knows I have to do what’s best for me in the end and he does too. That’s why we’re not saying it’s a legit package deal.” Quickley said that though they may not be a "package deal," the star point guard will be putting a full-court press on Williamson to join him wherever he ends up. “I've got to,” Quickley said. “He’s a special player and there’s a lot of hype with him, but he backs it up. Believe the hype with Zion. He’s real; definitely a guy you need on your side. I think it’ll happen for us in the end.” After getting the opportunity to play together at the adidas Nations event, Quickley told Jordan that Williamson is everything he's hyped up to be, and more. “Playing with Zion is exactly what most people would think it is,” said Quickley, who hails from John Carroll (Bel Air, Md.). “He’s a walking assist and that’s exciting for me because I love to pass. Most people know him for his crazy dunking ability but he can just play, period. Definitely one of the best players I’ve ever played with. We’re roommates here at Nations and we pretty much talk or text every day. We definitely want to play together. We talk about that too.” Kentucky is considered the strong favorite for both players, and most expect both to commit in the early signing period. Getting both Quickley and Williamson to start the 2018 recruiting class would be ridiculous.

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