Immanuel Quickley wins UK's NBA2K Tournament, challenges Devin Booker

It’s not the championship Immanuel Quickley imagined winning this month, but it’s a title all the same. Last night, Quickley won UK’s Hoops at Home NBA2K Tournament, beating UK fan Scott Overbay in three games. Here are some “highlights”:

When it was all said and done, Quickley sang “One Shining Moment” on Twitch:

With the UK title under his belt, Quickley challenged Devin Booker, who won the NBA2K Players Tournament a few weeks ago.

“I’m going to have to tag him on Twitter or something. We’ve got to get something going because I don’t think he can beat me…From what I’ve seen, he’s pretty good, so you’ve got to respect every opponent, but with the practice I’ve put in, I don’t think nobody can beat me.”

Check out Quickley’s entire postgame interview below:

Watch Immanuel Quickley Post-Game Interview – UK Hoops at Home Champion from universityofky on

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