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Richard Justice is a writer for the Houston Chronical and a go-to guest on PTI whenever TK and Wilbon need to talk to someone that knows more about baseball than Cubs and Sawks. He has a blog post up that has Kentucky sports-related goo smattered all over it. He starts off talking about the Courtney Lee trade to the Rockets (He played at Western. That counts as Kentucky sports. I gots no beef with the Hilltoppers.) and mentions Patrick Patterson's expected role on the team. Then he gets heavy with the Chuck-love:


Chuck Hayes has had such a terrific summer that it will once more be virtually impossible to keep him off the floor. At the NBA's big man's camp, he has been leaner and stronger and faster and absolutely determined not to be overlooked. Around this time every year, we doodle with different playing rotations and almost always have someone playing for the Chuckwagon. Forget that. The Chuckster will be playing.


Bam. There you go. For all those wondering how Patterson would fit in and if it meant that Hayes might be out of a job, all signs point to 'no'. Hayes continues to do Kentucky proud and I can't think of a better place for Patrick to develop as an NBA player. I believe the Rockets are my new favorite NBA team.

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