Indiana.....That Team is One Class Act!

Indiana.....That Team is One Class Act!

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
yryrryryry It is time for the renewal of the rivalry that had America singing in the 70s and 80s, the Hoosiers vs the Wildcats. I will admit that on the scale of teams that I want to beat, the Hoosiers fall below Louisville, Tennessee, Florida, UNC and Duke, so this game doesnt seem like a life or death matter to me. But to many in the Red state above us, it is one of the games of the year.....and understandably so. For with only one or two exceptions, the team from the Bluegrass state has pounded Indiana into submission the past fifteen years. In fact, remembering when the Hoosiers were good is hard to do. When I think about IU and UK recently, this is the only thing that comes to mind: But now, the Hoosiers have a new text-messaging Coach that Hubby likes to refer to as "Samuel Calvinson" and we have a supposed renewed rivalry. The Hoosiers are enjoying their one-year sojourn of Eric Gordon, who is as talented a player as we have seen in this rivalry since the Calbert Cheaney-Jamal Mashburn days years ago. In order for the Cats to win, they have to contain Gordon at least somewhat, and that job likely falls on Ramon Harris who will have to show why an Alaskan Assassin can be valuable in the Bluegrass state. Patterson, Bradley and Crawford must combine for at least 60 points (which may be true for virtually any big win this year) and some other player has to step up as well. Bloomington will be rocking and the Cats must show up. If they dont, it may get ugly. But if it does, just play the song below by the master Robert Goulet and I promise it will cheer you up.....

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