Injury bug nibbling on the Cats?

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


Kentucky Florida Basketball It seems that the Cats didn't escape Knoxville with only a loss and a slightly bruised pride, as an injury to one of the team's key contributors may derail their title hopes only days into March. Midway through the first half against Tennessee, Coach Calipari hulked up and decided to punch his clipboard out of frustration. As of this writing, the clipboard is still leading by a score of 1-0. While Coach did leave a hefty dent behind, the bandage on his now injured right hand seems to say the last laugh belonged to the board. This incident would appear to be another lesson in the learning experience of coaching at a place like Kentucky, as Cal had been used to taking on the wooden or composite clipboards reserved for paupers like Memphis and was caught off guard with the strength of the diamond-encrusted platinum one provided the head man at UK. (**Ed. Note: The clipboard may have been standard steel, but it's unclear from the ESPN report.) Somehow, I'd like to equate Coach's busted hand with the busted shooting effort in Knoxville, but unless the team played bloody knuckles on the sideline so Cal wouldn't feel alone with his injured paw, I cannot. I can say, however, that we certainly hope Cal makes a speedy recovery. We also hope that someone gets him a Nerf clipboard for the future, lest he decide a headbutt might be a better way to get his point across. Go Cats. [ESPN on Coach's Hand]

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