Podcast #8: Iron Sheik's Tuesday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
sheik If you have been watching most news in America recently, you may have missed the news coming out of Iran. Once again, protesters have maid their voices heard and it is very likely that Iran will become ground zero for some challenges between old anti-Western thought and pro-freedom forces in the coming months and years. One person who would have certainly seen that coming is the great wrestler, the Iron Sheik from Iran. Sheik was actually an Olympic level amateur wrestler before turning in his Greco-Roman skills and turning over to the professional ranks. He wrestled throughout the 80s as the man from Iran, a natural bad guy and foil for Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan (OHHHHHH!). Now he is best know for his wacky appearances on shows like Howard Stern and his twitter account, which may be the most bizarre and entertaining one on the web. When you see the Freedom protesters in Iran, think of the Iron Sheik. His heart would certainly be with them. Some tidbits: (1): The most bizarre story in college football may not be Urban Meyer's about face, but Mike Leach pulling a Billy Clyde and making Craig James's son sit in a dark electrical closet. One place where we havent had to worry about either scenario is here at UK as it looks more and more like Rich Brooks is on his way out from the head coaching position. Brooks says he will make a final decision by this weekend, but the general thought is that without a major change of heart, he will not return to the sideline. Going into the last two games, I was told by a very good source that Brooks was certain to retire and was hoping to make his legacy the win vs Tennessee. That didnt happen, which may have caused a couple of second thoughts. But most everyone around UK believes he is done and if he makes a different position, most will be shocked. (2): One person who seems to be perfectly happy to say whatever is on his mind is Derrick Locke, whose comments after the game Sunday were interesting. In the Herald Leader, he was quoted as saying he would return but that if the offense didnt make the necessary movement, he might go in the Supplemental Draft. One wonders what this means and if this is a potential shot at the game planning of the new coach. There has been some grumbling from fans all year, but we have no notion from the players themselves that they are upset about just about anything concerning Joker Phillips or the playcalling. If Locke's comments are a hint, that might be a story to watch...or it might just be Locke talking...it isnt clear which is true. (3): As for basketball, the three-a-days are in full effect for UK as the team gets ready for Louisville week. The team did a unity trip to the movies on Sunday to watch "Invictus" (in which Nelson Mandela plays the role of Morgan Freeman...or maybe its the other way around) and Perry Stevenson tweeted to the world tonight that the team hit the road again this evening for a dinner at PF Changs (where Hubby once had a very funny moment occur...story for a future podcast). The main thing the team is focusing on is the zone offense and defending the three pointer, both of which have been weaknesses all year. However more than either of these concerns, what is most important going forward is effort. As one person close to the program told me, "those that give effort will play going forward." I think that is as simple as it gets. (4): Someone claimed today that Demarcus Cousins is leading the nation in points and rebounds per minute. I have no idea if that is true and couldnt get confirmation, but it would not surprise me. Most games see him with a double-double, while only playing 15-20 minutes...which is an output that would be difficult to match. Boogie took the award for SEC Freshman of the Week this week, making him the third UK player to win the award and the 6th UK win in the 7 weeks of the season. That is an astounding output and something that might never be matched. Couple of housekeeping bits: --- If you havent seen it yet, dont miss my behind the scenes tour of Coach Calipari's office. It is a premium part of Coachcal.com but it gives insight into what it looks like in Cal's office behind the scenes and has memorabilia that you wont believe...definitely worth a watch. --- Tonight at 6:30 pm we will do our HARTFORD GAME LIVE BLOG live from Rupp Arena. Time to get in the game spirit and tell some tales from the Nashville trip. --- Finally, we have our MUSIC CITY BOWL PODCAST WITH CHIP COSBY of the Lexington Herald Leader. It is a MUST-listen for UK football followers as he breaks down what the team will look like next season. Plus, other tidbits from the trip and stories live from the Hooters in Nashville. It is good stuff and I think one of the more entertaining ones we have done. The link is below: [podcast]/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Hooters_Show.mp3[/podcast] Stay tuned all day...it should be fun as we get back to UK basketball action.

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