Is a mutiny in the works in Columbia?
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Is a mutiny in the works in Columbia?

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
  It's no secret that Steve Spurrier entered the football urinal that is the South Carolina back in 2004 under much hoopla and hasn't really delivered much to this point.  His record in Columbia so far is 24-18 (12-15 in the SEC) and the fans are getting a bit restless.  Or at least this guy is.  Mike Zanfardino, a journalism student at the fake USC, wrote this piece about why the Gamecocks should replace Steve Spurrier.  It's pretty concise and to the point, but in his short piece, Zanfardino had a couple of gems.  My favorites: "Just about the only success Spurrier has had at South Carolina has been to lower the university's standards regarding the admission of student athletes, bringing shame and embarrassment to the university during the process" "With his coaching talent a thing of the past, all that the University of South Carolina has been left with is a greedy, arrogant old man to whom they owe nearly $2 million each season." I have to say that I like your passion, Mike.  But, be careful of being so bold in the student press or else you'll end up feeling like the idiot that wrote this.  That guy will never be taken seriously.  So, it's obvious that Spurrier hasn't recaptured his Gator glory, but, it's up to you, sweet KSR readers, to decide if Steve Spurrier is truly washed up or is South Carolina just an athletic cesspool. Discuss below.

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