Is Azubuike a Limey?

Is Azubuike a Limey?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
kelenna_azubuike2.jpeg A good headsup to one of our readers who spotted this piece of news late night.....according to reports out of Britain, Kelenna Azubuike may be playing for the British National Basketball team. Yes you read that correctly. The article reports that Kaz has made the final 24 for the British national team, although "Azubuike's nationality status remains unresolved." I believe I remember that Azubuike was born in England, but once at Kentucky I never heard anything else about it....and now out of nowhere, he has gone all Tony Blair on us. Interesting stuff indeed. What is next? Do we find out that Tony Delk is secretly Peruvian?.....Deron Feldhaus is part Swede?......or Jody Thompson is from Jdbouti? The investigation begins.....

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She said yes.

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