Is Darius Miller Running Out Of Time?

Is Darius Miller Running Out Of Time?

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Sylven It's no secret by the way Billy Gillispie is recruiting Darius Miller, the new Big Blue Coach still sees a need at the wing foward position next season despite a recent commitment from DeAndre Liggins, who figures to be versatile enough to play at the 1, 2, or the 3 spot. Still it seems that Gillispie has not let up his recruitment of Miller, who is not just a Kentucky kid, but a true talent that could be an immediate help at the 3 spot no matter where he attends college. The recent questions about Miller are: 'How long is he going to wait before he makes his decision?' and/or 'Will there be a scholarship waiting for him at UK if he takes his time?' With Gillispie's recent success, the latter question is becoming more and more popular, Just how long is Gillispie prepared to wait for Darius Miller? There is no question Gillispie continues to pursue Miller and obviously feels he is a priority. One would think that Gillispie not only wants Miller because of his Kentucky roots, but also because of his talents; However, if another highly rated WF were ready to pull the trigger for the 'Cats would Miller's offer no longer stand? The young man in the photo is none other than Sylven Landesberg (Profile), a 6' 6" WF out of Holy Cross HS in Flushing, NY that is among the best in the 2008 class. According to Scout, Sylven has a 5 Star rating and is ranked as the 23rd best prospect overall while Rivals ranks him as a 4 Star prospect and the 45th best prospect in the class. Sylven has a long body and is an extremely gifted player. He has been praised for his Basketball IQ and ability to put up some big offensive numbers. While he may not be an extremely strong player at this juncture, his rebounding ability has made him a coveted wing in this class. Sylven recently stated that he is aiming toward making a decision next month saying that he make take some official visits and will choose from Texas, Georgia Tech, St. John's, Virginia, and none other than Kentucky. Sylven has already made unofficial to Texas and St. John's, so there is a good chance that he will want to check out Kentucky before making his decision. Again, we are left with recruiting questions galore. Is Landesberg a backup plan to Miller? Could Landesberg, Miller, & Liggins co-exist? Would a commitment from Landesberg, put UK out of the Darius Miller Sweepstakes? From every indication, Miller is going to take his time with his decision, but would that effect his scholarship offer from UK? The questions continue...

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