Is Kenny Chesney a Hillary Clinton Tennessee fan?
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Is Kenny Chesney a Hillary Clinton Tennessee fan?

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
1026kenny_t600.jpeg Awww celebrity sports fans. For every loyal Jack Nicholson or Ashley Judd, there is a Hillary Clinton or Rudy Guiliani, embracing the arch-rival for political expediency. But what about celebrities? Surely they can root for their favorite team without having to play games that real fans would never do. Apparently not for Peyton Manning's favorite singer and alleged Tennessee fan, Kenny Chesney. Apparently some UT fans are up in arms as Chesney played a concert in Florida with Gator gear on and has been seen with other Florida emblems....suggesting only a secondary loyalty to his favorite school. Now seriously can ya do that? Does anyone think you would ever see Ashley Judd in Louisville gear.....I think not. Kenny Chesney....we already knew you werent really a country music singer....and we already knew that you werent really a ladies' man.....but who knew you werent really a Tennessee fan?

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