Is Mike Davis losing it?

Matt Jones02/16/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
We here at Kentucky Sports Radio would never post anything that was strictly rumor or did not have a basis in fact. However there has been a story floating around the sports blogs for the past few days about an interaction that Mike Davis recently had at Michigan. We had to share: "I’m currently a senior at Michigan, and I’ve been going to our basketball games for years (tough, I know). A few friends and I have gradually achieved the seniority to get some primo seats for every home game, first row right behind the visitor’s bench. This obviously offers some top-notch heckling opportunities. Anyways, during the IU-UM game in Ann Arbor last year, we were getting on Davis pretty hard. We certainly let him know that there were some rumors about his impending firing, just in case he hadn’t heard. So at one point Mike walks over to the water cooler, which brings him about 4 feet directly in front of us. One of my buddies casually asks Mike what he’ll be doing next year. Davis looks him in the eye and responds “I’ll be working your mother on the corner.” Now, we’re not offensive fans; we mess around with the players and coaches, but they laugh at us far more frequently than they ever get angry. So Davis’s comment just set us off…he didn’t have a split second of quiet for the rest of the game. " This story may provide Mike Davis the most street cred he has ever had.....

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