Is this a new "thing"?

Stuart Hammerover 8 years


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pink-miss-state-uniform (photo via @UniformCritics) Seemingly always chasing the athletic giant Nike, the ever-unpopular Adidas brand has done it again. Responsible for countless eyesores on the playing surface across athletics, like the Zumba uniforms, the "W's" versus the "N's" game, or the Baylor highlighter wardrobe. This time with a little less Technicolor, but still off-the-charts tacky. Pink. That’s right. Pink football jerseys. If there is anything more manly than a hard-nosed SEC football game, please fill me in. And if there is anything less manly than a Pepto-Bismol inspired jersey, again, let me know. It is important to note that this is only a concept from Adidas for breast cancer awareness (like we aren't aware of cancer yet, anyway) and does not necessarily mean Mississippi State or any team will wear these. Here’s to hoping somebody will get through to Adidas to tell them what a horrible idea this is. The NFL has added pink accessories for such an occasion, and the MLB does as well, including pink bats. But an entire jersey? The only way I see this as acceptable is if we're talking about a woman's team. But what do you think?

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