Is This the Weekend we see Kevin Galloway?

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
keving It is Turkey Day and I hope that you are enjoying it with family or friends, while watching the plethora of sporting events on television. As I write this Tennessee is playing well (which makes me unhappy) and Siena is being burnt (get it....burnt Siena....a little crayon humor for you). But what we really care about begins tomorrow night, when the Cats take the floor in Vegas against Kansas State. Along those lines, tomorrow may be the day that Kevin Galloway starts to emerge. In his press conference right before the team left for Sin City, Gillispie noted that he made a mistake in not playing Galloway more and earlier in the second half against Longwood. He said he was pleased with how Galloway had played early and wished he had put him in later. He said that he thought that he would remedy this situation in Vegas. That means that this weekend could be Galloway's opportunity to shine. More specifically, with West Virginia and Iowa playing more halfcourt basketball, his game against the athleticism of Kansas State on Friday night could be the grand opportunity that Galloway has waited for. There is no doubt he has the talent, but his performances in practice have been said to be abysmal and it is clear that for whatever reason, he and Gillispie have not connected. This trip, away from the pressures of a home crowd and with the chance to get in a rhythm over two games, could be his coming out party. For his sake, and the sake of his future at Kentucky, I hope that is the case.

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