Is Vince Young literate?

Matt Jones02/27/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Some of you who are non-Kentucky fans and read this blog (and yes I know you are out there and havent forgotten you) will like this little tidbit of news I found recently. Apparently Vince Young's Wonderlic score has leaked out and it is not good. For those of you who dont know the Wonderlic test, it is used by the NFL and other corporations to quickly estimate an individual's intelligence. The average Wonderlic score for NFL players is 19 and for the rest of America, it is 21. If you have a score over 27, you are very intelligent and under 10, you may have some literacy issues. And if you want to see just how easy this test is, take it yourself. All of this brings me to Vince Young....who apparently scored a 6. Yes, a six. It was the second LOWEST score in the history of the NFL. Now I want you to think about that for a second....the NFL, a league not exactly filled with young Bill Bradleys, has been giving this test for just under 20 years.....and it is rumored that Young had the second lowest score ever. So Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee are on the clock....

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