Isaiah Briscoe Went 12-of-13 From the 3-point Line

Isaiah Briscoe Went 12-of-13 From the 3-point Line

Bobby Reaganabout 5 years


Aritcle written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
briscoe-fts Say good bye to that looking jumper above. During the pro day drill, Briscoe hit 12-of-13 3-points in 35 seconds going back and forth from each side of the top of the arc. My biggest takeaway watching Briscoe shoot is how he changed his jumper. I confirmed this with a high school coach in New Jersey who spent a couple years coaching against Briscoe. The shot is a little quicker and more importantly notice where his elbow is on the jumpers. It's not as funky looking and he's more straight up and down on his jump. The other thing I noticed with Briscoe is his weight. He's lost weight yet he hasn't lost any muscle. Don't think people haven't noticed either as Fraschilla and Greenberg were praising Briscoe all night, including calling him the best layup maker in the country.  

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