It has been a bad year for Sports fans!!
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It has been a bad year for Sports fans!!

Bryan the Internalmost 14 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  I am a sports fan in the greatest sense of the word.  I will watch everything.  I watch the Softball College World Series, PGA Golf, NASCAR, bowling, and when the Olympics are on, bobsled.  But, over the past year, it has been tough.  Scandal has ripped through ALL of the major sports, and its just tough to watch anymore.  The thing that hurts the most is that some really great things have happened in the past 12 months that have gone overshadowed by the bad.  Just today, Florida St.'s entire athletic program was put on probabtion, Roger Clemens is all over the news, and Kelvin Sampson is on his way out at Indiana.  Just a recap of good vs. bad the past 12 months: January 2007: Boise upsets Oklahoma vs BCS controversy with Florida getting bid February 2007: Colts win Super Bowl vs. Brittney Spears shaves head (not sports) March 2007: Rick Pitino allowed to bring UL into Rupp vs Rick Pitino loses in Rupp April 2007: Florida is repeat national champion vs. Imus uses racial slur against Rutgers May 2007: Pacman Jones suspended for entire season vs. Warriors beat Mavericks June 2007: Fans forced to sit through NBA Finals vs Lebron becomes the next MJ July 2007: Skip Prosser dies suddenly vs Kevin Garnett traded to Celtics August 2007: Bonds breaks home run record vs. Donaghy pleads gulity to NBA betting September 2007: Tennis deals with betting scandal vs. Notre Dame begins sucking October 2007: Isiah Thomas Sexual Harrasment Suit vs Red Sox wins Series November 2007: Barry Bonds indicted/Sean Taylor murdered vs College Fball Upsets December 2007: Mitchell Report Released vs. Football Cards Tank, miss bowl January 2008: SpyGate/Golf Channel Racial Slur vs. Patriots go for unbeaten season February 2008: Roger Clemens goes before Congress vs. Giants upset Patriots I think out of these 12 months, at least 9 of them had the bad story taking precedent over the good one.  I am just praying for a great year of sports in 2008.  No congress, no sudden deaths, UK never loses, UL always loses, and Brittney Spears stays out of the news.  Thats what I gave up for lent is bad sports stories.  Sorry if this bummed you out, but I think we got them all out of the way.  First up is an awesome NCAA Tournament, and I feel like we have enough good mid-majors where it could be an all-time classic.

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